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In an effort to better your experince with the characteristics of our products and services, each week we'll promote a product and/or service on our website and social media pages.

We believe that this is a great insight in our product line and may answer some questions, while at the same time presenting an idea of the kind of products we manufacture, right here in the USA.

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We wanted to promote our products in a way that is very user-friendly for our current and new customers.

Your experience was a key factor in the redevelopment process of our new website. Please feel free to browse around and take the opportunity to tell how you like it via our Stay Connected feature below.


Our staff at Titan Enterprises strongly believes in being connected with our customers, current and new ones.

That's why we developed the Stay Connected feature on our website so that you have the ability to reach us at any time during your visit on our new website and ask us any questions regarding our products and services, or share your opinion about the website's features

Company Info

Established in 1986 Titan Enterprises has been working with all of North America for almost 30 years. While we supply a full array of products for any manufacturing facility, we specialize in products for the corrugated box/print industry, refineries, and glass manufacturing plants. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is always on hand to help out in any situation.

From industrial cleaners, aerosols, lubricants, spill control products to floor coatings, ice melter, weed control, waste water and sewerage treatment products we encompass product lines for all types of industry.

Don’t forget to check out our extensive line of premoistened wipes and food grade products. Our underlying goal is to provide every facility with cost friendly, green and highly effective quality products to fit their specific needs.

Supplying complete cleaning, lubrication and maintenance product lines to North American Industries for over 25 years.


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